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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:02 pm    Post subject: Heartbreaker Reply with quote

I have been hunting every day for one buck that I got on trail cam in October. This buck was a real brute, a main frame nine with a few stickers on the g2s and g3s. With rut being very active this year I thought it was only time I needed. After hunting this buck since Nov. 1st I saw a picture at a local gas station that made my heart sink. It was him killed on October 28. I was hunting a deer that was already dead. Yesterday I still got up at 5 am with only 3 hours of sleep from work the nite before. It was hard to get up but was just hoping a new shooter would travel through the property I hunt. The morning was a slow one compared to the last few hunts ive had. Ive passed up alot of bucks so far this year waiting for the buck that was already dead. With only seeing three yearlings by 10 I decided to get down and take a nap before work. I lowered my bow down and then I heard a tree branch break behind me. Looking over my shoulder I saw a grey faced deer with a very high white rack coming strait towards me. Panic set in and I started pulling up the rope. By this time he was 45 yds and looking over my shoulder i saw him stop and stare at a bow getting hoisted up a tree. I froze and the shakes started. What seemed like an hour the deer finally checked wind and slowly walked my way. He got between a multiflower rose and i pulled the bow the rest of the way up. I then took my eye off him and nocked an arrow. (Which seemed like forever) untied the bow and looked back. The deer was gone. Never heard him break a leaf or twig. Like he vanished. Like a ghost. I was sure he was just behind the briars but no buck to be seen. I kept looking and looking but no deer. I looked at my phone and it was 10:07. I waited until 11 and never saw the deer agin. This year has been an exciting and heartbreaking year so far. I guess thats what makes it fun. Hopefully I will see the ghost buck tomorrow. Im goin to make an all day sit and hope for the best.
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